Since 1971, R.H. Wilkins has been producing some of the finest engraving, earning a reputation for quality, craftsmanship and service. We have a large team of experienced, skilled craftsmen with a wealth of expertise who have lead to us become the first choice engraver for some of the worlds’ most iconic sporting trophies including the F.A. Cup, Wimbledon Tennis and the Ryder Cup.

Hand Engraving

Be it presentational, sporting, commemorative or heraldic, you will not find a more enriching method of engraving than hand engraving.
We can carry out all your artwork requirements such as the layout of inscriptions, designing cyphers or monograms, heraldic designs, etc.
Using hand held gravers (chisels) that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years we meticulously pare the material away, in doing so bringing the design to life.


No one job is the same, consequently each new design will be scaled up or down to suit the size and shape of the item. Each job will be quoted on an individual basis.

To explain in simple terms a little about hand engraving we shall break the process into four steps >

  • First the design is composed and sketched onto the job.
  • With the use of magnification we point the design down using a metal scriber.
  • Using hand held gravers we meticulously pare the material away, building up tone and texture with hundreds of cut lines and in doing so bringing the design to life.
  • To remove any scratches we then polish the item on a polishing motor and mop using varies techniques to give the article a mirror finish without wearing down the fine engraving work.
    Silver, gold, platinum, soft brass and pewter are suitable for hand engraving. Steel, titanium, most modern silver-plated items and anything with a pre-lacquered surface are all unsuitable for us to hand engrave.

Machine Engraving

Our corporate engraving department has been well equipped with a range of computerised CAD CAM engraving machines to engrave large volumes of precious and semi-precious metal giftware. This service offers you a fast and cost effective method of branding your product with company logos and marketing messages. Any artwork and font can be replicated, from simple child’s handwriting to the most complex badges, logos and decorative motifs, either as an outline or by using infill-shading techniques for more dramatic results.

Swan Signet Ring

R.H. Wilkins is part of the wider company platform, with Rebus Signet Rings as its big sister. Both companies share the same skilled hand-engravers, with Rebus specialising in creating handmade, bespoke, seal-engraved signet rings and hand-engraved jewellery for our retail customers.


Engraving the future

The RH Wilkins Apprenticeship Program

Our heritage is a cornerstone to our success, one we respect and nurture. RH  Wilkins is a home for talented individuals and provides a training platform to ensure that the next generation of craftsmen are ready to create beautiful objects to our exceptional standards. All our apprentices are indentured through the Guild of Goldsmiths, which provides them with training in all aspects of the jewellery trade, helping them to develop a thorough knowledge of the industry and find gratification in their work.

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